Instructions to Authors
barra2 Authors having quality papers they wish to publish in Extracta Mathematicae should send an e-mail message to or to The message shall include a covering letter, the LaTeX and DVI files of the paper, and any auxiliary files necessary to process the paper.

Manuscripts must be written in English. The Editors may exceptionally consider manuscripts written in other languages.

Papers must contain an abstract, the AMS 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification and some keywords. This information and the references will be posted with open access on the web-site of the Journal. Moreover, it is expected that articles contain a good introduction.

To submit a paper by ordinary mail please send two copies and a diskette or CD with the files to:
     Extracta Mathematicae
     Departamento de Matemáticas
     Universidad de Extremadura
     06006 Badajoz, SPAIN.

It is understood that a paper submitted to Extracta Mathematicae will not have been published previously and that the same work is not currently under consideration in any other journal. In return, the Journal will come to a decision in the shortest possible time.

E.M. assumes the open access policy of the University of Extremadura, which adheres to the principles of the open access movement and the Berlin Declaration. It is thus understood that the authors of the papers published in EM authorize its inclusion in the institutional repository of the UEx DEHESA. Moreover, authors retain the copyright so they can use their papers as they consider convenient.

E.M. is under a Creative Commons License Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported.