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  • Promote excellence in basic research based on the use of advanced computing technologies, judged by international standards and subject to periodic evaluation.
  • Encourage interaction between different research groups included in the Institute with the aim of creating partnerships, sharing knowledge ("know-how") and synergies in a multidisciplinary context.
  • Coordinate research activities in order to optimize existing resources, especially those relating to high-level computing, and increase the ability to raise funds.
  • Participate in training activities of the UEx, enhancing training of specialized investigators in simulation techniques applied to different fields of knowledge that are represented in the Institute.
  • Organize popular science activities aimed at students and Extremadura's society in general, with special emphasis on computing and simulation.
  • Organize meetings, workshops and national and international conferences among reputed researchers to promote the exchange of scientific experiences.
  • Create and participate in research networks with other national and international centers.
  • Promote cooperation with existing companies in the region in the field of research and development, in order to improve their processes and competitiveness.
  • Collaborate with other groups and research institutes in the region in scientific problems requiring high computing capacity.
  • Collaborate in achieving the goals outlined in the Campus of International Excellence "Hidranatura", particularly in research related to the physical properties of fluids and control of water use, especially in agriculture and livestock.



The next seminar will be.

January, 31th, 17:00h

A Mesoscopic approach for diffusion in expanding media

by Felipe Le Vot


El próximo seminario será el

31 de enero a las 17:00h

A Mesoscopic approach for diffusion in expanding media

 por Felipe Le Vot













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