The battleExhortation of Tariq b. Ziyad: An example of rhetoric    creation in Arabic Historiography

Abstract: Assuming that historiography is a rhetorical product, this paper deals with the study of battle exhortations in Islamic contexts as an example of such assumption. The speech attributed to Tariq b. Ziyad, the Muslim conqueror of al-Andalus, is the case studied. The study of its textual problems and of its contents will allow us to analyze, on the one hand, the transmission of the text in different versions through the centuries, and, on the other, the topoi that the speech shares with battle exhortations from other temporal and spatial contexts, as well as the peculiarities of the Islamic case..

Key Words: Exhortation, Islam, Tariq b. Ziyad, Historiography, Rhetoric, Topoi.


Talia dixit



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