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Universidad de Extremadura
Badajoz (Spain)
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Online ISSN:  2605-5686
Print ISSN:  0213-8743

Extracta Mathematicae (E.M.) publishes quality research papers that contain innovative contributions in the areas covered by the members of the Editorial Board. E.M. is also open to consider well written survey papers.
E.M. is published twice a year under a Creative Commons License Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported. The online version is open access. E.M. uses a standard, blinded, peer review process following the COPE Code of Conduct. E.M. is edited and published in Badajoz (Spain) by the Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Extremadura (IMUEX), under the auspices of this university and the cooperation of the Departamento de Matemáticas and the Servicio de Publicaciones.
E.M. is abstracted and indexed in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt MATH. The AMS-Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ) average (2000-2017) for E.M. is 0.25 (all publications MCQ average 2000-2017 is 0.22). The RG Journal Impact Factor for E.M. (2018) is 1.14 (accessed in June 2019). The average span for a paper in E.M. is currently of 71 days between its acknowledgement and the decision. The printed version is exchanged with 117 journals in 36 countries all over the world.
barra2 Editorial Board:
Pietro Aiena
Antonio Avilés
María Jesús Carro
Jesús M.F. Castillo
Antonio M. Cegarra
Manuel de León
Dikran Dikranjan
Valentin Ferenczi
Anna María Fino
Oscar García Prada
José Luis Gómez Pardo
Manuel González
Carolyn S. Gordon
Janusz Grabowski
William B. Johnson
Piotr Koszmider
Manuel Maestre
Pavao Mardešić
Juan Carlos Marrero
Consuelo Martínez
Horst Martini
Martin Mathieu
Mostafa Mbekhta
Pier L. Papini
Grzegorz Plebanek
Tim Porter
Joan Torregrosa
Alexandre Turull
Mark Veraar
David T. Yost