Juan J. Ruiz-Lorenzo

Catedrático de Universidad (Física Teórica)
(Professor of Theoretical Physics)

Ph. D. Physics. 1993. "Phase transitions in gauge theories and spin models." , Dept. Fisica Teórica I , Universidad Complutense de Madrid .

M.E.C. Fellowship (Spain). Dipartimento di Fisica . Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza" . 2/1994-2/1996.

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (European Commission) . Dipartimento di Fisica . Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza" . 2/1996-2/1998.

Curriculum Vitae.

  • Office: B-202
  • Address: Departamento de Fisica. Universidad de Extremadura . E-06006 Badajoz , Spain.
  • Address: Instituto de Computación Científica Avanzada (ICCAEx). Universidad de Extremadura . E-06006 Badajoz , Spain.
  • Phone: ++ 34 924489829
  • Fax: ++ 34 924 289651
  • e-mail: ruiz(at-no-spam)unex.es

  • Research:

  • Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena.
  • Spin Glasses in Finite Dimensions: Static and dynamical aspects.
  • Fluctuating Membranes.
  • Fronts: KPZ and Direct percolation.
  • Numerical Simulations in Statistical Mechanics.

  • The list of my publications. You can also see my ResearcherID by Web of Knowledge.
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    And my Google Scholar Profile.

    Some recents talks

    My Laudatio and Giorgio's acceptance speech: Dr. Honoris Causa Giorgio Parisi, Universidad de Extremadura. (April 2019).

    Ph. D. Thesis Supervised:

    Mathematics Genealogy Project.

  • Antonio Gordillo Guerrero. Phase Transitions in Disordered Systems. Universidad de Extremadura (January 15th, 2010). Sobresaliente Cum Laude and Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado.

  • Jorge Monforte Garcia. Study of the critical and low temperature properties of finite dimensional spin glasses. Universidad de Zaragoza (July 9th, 2013). Sobresaliente Cum Laude. (Codirected with A. Tarancon Lafita).

  • Teaching (in Spanish)

    Undergraduate Courses (Present):

    Gravitation and Cosmology (2012-present)(Physics and Mathematics degrees, UEx).
    Quantum Physics I (2017-present) (Physics degree, UEx).

    Postgraduate Courses (Present):

    Computational Statistical Physics (2017-present)(Master en Computación Científica en Ciencias e Ingeniería, UEx) [Campus Virtual].
    Optimization and Complexity (2017-present). (Master en Computación Científica en Ciencias e Ingeniería, UEx)[Campus Virtual].

    Postgraduate Courses (old):

    Critical Phenomena and Quantum Field Theory (ps) (1998-99 and 1999-2000,UCM).
    Critical Phenomena (html) (2000-2001, UEx).
    Introduction to Cosmology (pdf) (2002-2003, UEx).
    Physics of Complex Systems (pdf) (2003-2004, UEx).

    Undergraduate Courses (old) :

    Physics (Biotechnology) (2015-2017)(UEx) [Campus Virtual].
    Physics II (Chemistry and Enology) (2012-2015)(UEx).[Campus Virtual]
    Statistical Mechanics (2004-2013)(UEx).
    Simulations of Physical Systems (2011-2013)(UEx).
    Statistical Physics (2003-1010)(UEx).
    Quantum Physics (1999-2003)(UEx).
    Quantum Physics(with A. Santos) (2010-2011)(UEx).
    Mathematical Methods for Physicists IV (2000-2001)(UEx).

    Problem sets (UCM, Madrid):

    Classical Field Theory (Fourth year) (1997-1998).
    Quantum Mechanics II (Fourth year) (1997-1998).
    Gravitation and Cosmology (Fifth year) (1998-1999).
    Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Fourth year) (1998-1999).

    Software Docente

    Science Communication:

    Some contributions (podcasts in Spanish) to the Principio de incertidumbre program of the Canal Extremadura Radio.

    La Ventana de la Ciencia, episodio 31 (podcast).

    La Ventana de la Ciencia, episodio 35 (podcast).

    Espínes al borde de un ataque de nervios (Revista Muy Interesante).


    Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1994)

    Premio Juan Jesús Morales a la Investigación Científica. Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Extremadura (2001).

    Premio a la Excelencia en la Trayectoria Investigadora, categoria senior, en el campo científico. Universidad de Extremadura (2018).


    Chimera personal home pages (La Sapienza, Roma).

    UCM Statistical Field Theory Group (UCM, Madrid).

    Applied Mathematics Research Centre (Coventry University).

    Instituto de Biococmputación y Física de los Sistemas Complejos (BIFI) (Zaragoza).

    Grupo de Sistemas Complejos (Madrid).

    Fisica Computazionale (Universita' di Ferrara).

    Laboratory for Statistical Physics of Complex Systems. Institute for Condensed Matter Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv).

    Cálculos Astronómicos

    Exposiciones Bibliográficas


    Quanta Magazine: Illuminating Science.

    What is new. (Terence Tao).

    Rodamedia (Navegación Astronómica).(L. Mederos)


    Dante .

    My public key

    I was part of the   DYGLAGEMEM    Research Training Network:

    "Dynamics and Statics of glasses and spin glasses: from aging to memory and equilibrium structures".

    The  WEB page  of the DYGLAGEMEN spanish node is   here .