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Natural Hazards and Vulnerability Research Group

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Our research group is interested in the study of the components and complexity of the various natural hazards that have an impact on social and economic development. The mitigation of their impacts has implications for the definition of policy options, and the design of efficient strategies through emergency preparedness and spatial planning.
Among the topics of interest are:

▪ Assessment and modeling of natural hazards

▪ Components of vulnerability

▪ Risk Assessment

▪ Strategies of mitigation: emergency preparedness and spatial planning

▪ Risk perception and attitudes

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Contact us at:

Dr. Urbano Fra Paleo
Department of Geography and Spatial Planning
University of Extremadura
Campus universitario
10071 Cáceres Spain

Phone: +34 927 257000 ext 7722
Fax: +34 927 257401

José R. Figueira González
Centro Universitario de Mérida
University of Extremadura
Teresa de Jornet 38
06800 Mérida Spain

Phone: +34 924 387068
Fax: +34 924 303782

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