International Shaw Conference: Shaw in Europe


To enter Spain, it is mandatory to fill out a Health Control Form, which can be accessed at (more specifically, or by downloading the app on your mobile. You must fill in the entire form on the website or app. The form can be started at any time from the moment you have the details of your trip, filling in the data you want and saving it to continue later. However, the Health Questionnaire and Travel History fields will only be available 2 days (48 hours) before your trip. Once you send in your completed form, you will receive an email with a QR code that you will have to show during boarding and when passing through the health control at the destination airport. It should be printed out or on your mobile. Once at the airport, you must show the QR code, which will be scanned at the health control, in order to access the terminal and collect your luggage.


Click on any of the following links to obtain information about further requirements for passengers travelling to Spain from


- the United States

- Canada

- the United Kingdom

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